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[Buttons] Download Premium Web 2.0 Call to Action Buttons


Call to action buttons grab’s user attention and makes them want to click, these buttons are an effective way for visitors to perform a certain action that may lead them to a certain page to your website thus improving sales for your company. Great for adding spice to any landing pages.

These premium web 2.0 CTA buttons is made specifically for this purpose, to catch the user’s attention and turn them into your potential clients, or in any case make your website wow your audience, these are meticulously crafted to ensure that you capture the eyes of your visitors.

The package includes 7 polished and well thought out buttons that may suit any company websites.

These attention-grabbers also comes with layer and text styles, that may be installed in your library, so that you may experiment with different styles and text effects.

What’s included:

1 Single PSD file that contains 7 buttons
1 .asl file


Simply double-click the premium_web_styles.asl to load it to your library or on your styles panel, search for a small arrow and then select Load Styles.

Simply select a button or a text before clicking a style that you want to apply

The buttons are made of vector shapes so you can make any adjustments to it’s points and sides without losing quality using the direct selection tool.

Font Used:
Bebas Neue (www.dafont.com/bebas.font)

Although you may use other fonts as well

Preview Download For $2

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