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A 3D Template for your DVD Presentaions -simple as 1-2-3.


Look no further and realize the potential and power of Photoshop CS4 and the 3D capabilities.

The file uses CS4 smart objects which allow you to edit and update the templates easily without the use of custom actions, transforming or skewing your artowrk. Look here for a brief glimpse into the ease of the workflow:

Here is what you get:

– (5) pre-made templates as shown in the preview

– the ability to change the texture and art in (3) easy steps.. WITHOUT the hassle of transform or skew tools. Create your own custom cover or inside art along with the DVD label and using the new texture tools within Photoshop CS4 the application of your images are simple and painless.

– the possibility to create your own templates based on the elements in the files to allow for endless possibilities and limited only by your creativity


1* – Open 1 of the 5 PSD Template files

2* – Select the DVD layer of your choice (the cover for instance) and double-click on the texture which will open a new Photoshop tab displaying the artwork for that image (in this case the cover) and you will see the front of the DVD image that you can then edit, and change or create your own image.

3* – Change the cover art or add your own design over the top of the image on a new layer and then simply click the tab for the the PSD Template file you originally opened and instantly see your changes textured, mapped and lit as shown in the scene  :)

Believe me I have spent hours creating individual templates or messed around in Photoshop creating and re-creating many times what would often be the same techniques over and over.

It is because of the sometimes tedious tasks in design that led me to create this design template to possibly save some hassle for some of you and provide a very streamlined and efficient solution to that age old problem and allow you to do what you enjoy best.

If you like this design and want to see more please let me know! I work extensively in 3D Studio Max as a premiere 3D model package and would love to create other items to help streamline the tasks that bog us down as designers!  :)

3D DVD TEMPLATE in 1-2-3


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