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[CSS] BUY Basic Clean Pricing Tables – Easy To Modify!


Please watch the video for a demonstration, and to learn how to easily modify the file.

Basic Clean Pricing Tables - Easy To Modify! - 1


  • Works in IE6, special javascript is included!
  • Utilizes CSS3 and Sprites for lightning fast load times!


  • Organized, layered PSD file with all 5 colors, utilizes shapes and is easily resized.
  • 5 folders which contain seperate CSS stylesheets and HTML Demo’s of each color


  • WordPress Installation instructions have been included
  • The ‘reset’ stylesheet that was causing some conflicts has been consolidated to with the other stylesheet, no styles outside of the Basic Tables will be affected by the stylesheets.


Because this file utilizes CSS3, the rounded corners will be replaced with straight corners in some browsers, the file still looks great though!

Live Demo Download For $3

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