Top 9 Reasons why your blog rank sucks

9 Reasons why your blog rank sucks

Are you wondering why your blog isn’t getting any traffic or why your not getting any comments, shares or responses to your blog?, chances are it sucks and you need to do something about it.

why your blog rank sucks

I’m made plenty of mistakes, and most of the time it’s just good practice to learn the hard way but if you’re wondering why you haven’t got much traction from your new blog, there’s a few possible reasons outlined below you may wish to consider.

Heres a few reasons why your blog could suck, most of them are pretty simple and easy to fix:

  • Your share buttons are hard to find or non-existent – big mistake. How can people share your blog or get any reach if you arent adding share buttons to your website. Easily fixed and sit back and watch your shares skyrocket. Add these and you’ll notice an improvement.
  • No social media links on your page – what are you thinking!? Add these in and improve your cross-channel marketing. Social network marketing is huge and you need to be across it.
  • Not enough imagery or none at all – just because you might like to keep things fairly scarce image-wise doesn’t mean your audience likes it. Research shows that imagery interests your reader so add interesting images to support your blog that are relevant, whether they are your own, infographics or interesting stock ones add them in and check out the result.
  • You’ve left no room for comments – you NEED to have a comment section on your blog. This is a great way to engage with your audience and without this your blog will probably be lacking the interaction you’re looking for. When you add the comment section, make sure you respond to each and every comment to create a community feel on your page. Also, ensure it is easy to leave a comment and readers don’t need to jump through a million pages to do this.
  • Your theme is basic or non-existent – using a cool WordPress theme that you might spend 50 bucks on is more engaging and will engage with your audience. Take the time to set up a cool theme for your blog and update it regularly. Make sure the text is easy to read and your colours suit your audience
  • Too many ads splashed all over your blog – while internet marketing is one thing having OTT amount of ads on your page is a turn off. Keep it lean and focus on a few ads that work for you, don’t clutter your blog with huge amounts of ads it’s just annoying to look at and takes away from the blog.
  • It’s hard to find your sign up boxes – you want people to sign up for your blog right? How easy is it for them to do this? Make it simple have good, clear CTAs so they can sign up for your blog easily. Sign up boxes on every page are essential on your blog, if you’re worried test this and see the results.
  • You’ve got little to no content strategy – don’t just publish for publishing sake, have a plan about your posts and plan this in advance so you can engage with influencers and even guest posters ahead of time. Planning will allow you to be more organised and provide value for your key messages.
  • You have boring old content – content is king people. Keep it fresh on every page. Update your home, about and any other page you have on your blog with current info especially your bio. If you are looking to do advertising on your blog this info should be up to date and engaging for anyone that is checking out your site for marketing opportunities.

What you think ?