AVADA WordPress theme review on 2017


AVADA WordPress theme is the number 1 best selling wordpress theme on the web, it comes with many features of design and layouts, AVADA WordPress theme get his fame from many reasons such as his flexibility and performance.

WordPress users see that avada WordPress theme is the choice to start blogging, like many theme avada WordPress theme is compatible with the most needed plugins as bbpress budypress woocomerce visual composer revolution slider and more.

AVADA WordPress theme is recommended for users who have already an experience with themes that includes many features and an option panel, not every user can manage and handle AVADA WordPress theme.

AVADA WordPress theme review

Since its release in August 2012, AVADA WordPress theme has generated more than 300,000 sales — making it one of the most popular premium WordPress themes the world has ever seen!! but is that mean it’s the best WordPress theme in the world ??

AVADA WordPress theme contains lot of features, take a tour in this video to discover how to turn WordPress CMS to a powerful design with tons of features

What do users say about AVADA WordPress theme ?

there are more than three hundred thousands (300,000) user of avada around the web, a large community are already using this theme right now.

For the avada WordPress theme’s developers, coders and designer is difficult to them to manage a huge number of their product users, it’s even impossible to satisfy all of them !!!

many users of avada wordpress theme are not satisfied with support team especially when we talk about a huge and stunning theme such as avada theme, it’s complicated and even hard to start with if you are newbie in wordpress.

Bad Reviews for avada wordpress theme :

This is some comments of a users mad at the support service, codes issues, theme functions and some bad features that  avada WordPress theme has :

Avada theme review

DAVE said : worst theme I ever wasted my money on. Zero support. What you receive is the most basic theme available. No add ons that they say is included. They talk about a white screen for ease of use. This doesn’t exist. I have never been fooled so badly

it’s hard from dave isn’t ?

Troy Avada theme review

Troy saidBreaks the site every time I update it. So if you love doing extra work for no reason buy this theme. Otherwise, stay away.

Sydney griffin Avada theme review

Sydney Griffin said :

Avada is a very BAD theme the support is worse!!! I am now looking to rebuild thousands of hours of website creation on another theme because of broken code errors!!! and Avada refuses to fix it!!! my business has no home on the on the internet do to avada’s lack of responsibility!!! i have wasted my time with Avada!!! my suggestion? stay away from Avada!!!!

jamekatt Avada theme review

James katt said :

That’s ugly. Avada doesn’t even look professional. That will take a lot of work just to look decent. Sad.

Note that if your members have to pay for access to your website then you have to pay the $3000 extended license to use Avada, otherwise you will get a ThemeForest lawyer’s letter demanding payment.

User Avada theme review

User said : 

If it takes you thousands of hours to make a website, you shouldn’t be making websites.

This was some of users said bad thing about avada WordPress theme, some of them are really upset about that WP theme, due to many reasons, and this is the real fact about all WordPress themes around the world web consequently to your insufficient experience on WordPress, otherwise you should have a big idea about many features about WordPress before any step to choose a good WordPress theme.

Good Reviews for avada wordpress theme :

rather than the bad reviews about avada WordPress theme, there are many users too are so satisfied about the services and features of avada WordPress theme, due to many facts avada WordPress theme presents a huge success for a large websites in the net, a professional theme like avada is suitable for the experts of WordPress

We will take a to some good reviews about avada wp theme :

igor Avada theme review

Igor Kalmykov said :

Avada is a great WordPress theme with extremely flexible setting of its elements, I also purchased it for some of my clients but later I took a deeper look at the source code of its generated pages and was shocked by the amount of CSS + JS code being output
into the page body. In my case it was 77% of a page code (nearly 100kB)!

This excessive amount of code will be returned by your web server with every page request by your site visitor. It’s the biggest disadvantage of Avada and I do not see valid reasons for which it has not yet been eliminated.

braian jackson Avada theme review

Brian jackson said :

We use Avada for all of our clients. We have so many licenses it is crazy. In fact it is in our contract now lol 🙂 If you sign with us, your site’s getting put into Avada. This makes it a lot easier for myself and our web developer as we know Avada now like the back of our hands and can copy customizations between installs in minutes.

Avada is amazing and you can make it look different if you get someone creative in there. And for everyone mentioning the messy code… with this new update they are doing a complete rewrite of the code from the ground up. I still have my sites with Avada loading in under a second… you should just be caching properly and serving the CSS/JS from CDNs.

Reasons why you should trust Avada WordPress theme :

Avada gives you the ability to build virtually any design style. These professionally designed demos were built entirely with our options and require no custom coding.

Every demo is included for free and can be easily imported with one click through the admin. Choose any of these beautiful templates to start building your site, or easily create your own unique Avada through our powerful options.

The full list of features is actually much longer than this, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Stunning Customization / Theme Options
  • Advanced Fusion Page/PostOptions
  • Multiple Premium Slider Options
  • Intuitive Fusion Builder
  • Mega Menu Built In
  • WooCommerce Compatible With Design Integrataion
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Powerful Portfolio Options
  • Advanced Blog Options
  • Custom Page Templates & Page Options Included
  • Avada is Multi-Lingual / RTL Ready!
  • Includes 30+ languages partially or fully translated, below are a few examples
  • Advanced Typography Options!
  • Advanced Background Options
  • Wide & Boxed Layout Versions
  • Advanced Header Options
  • Highest Footer Options
  • Built-In Contact Form
  • Unlimited Single or Dual Sidebars
  • Beautifully designed Custom Widgets
  • Modern Search Options
  • Side Navigation Page With Parent/Child Levels
  • Automatic Theme Updater

More features at : WordPress Premium themes


As a WordPress lovers we highly recommend our users to use a premium theme not just avada but any premium theme is recommended to be trusted and used by you, avada WordPress theme as many themeforest premium themes had man bad thing as good things but that depends about your experience, what we conclude is that you have ideas about WordPress first before buying any theme.

To Download OR get infos about avada WordPress theme :   Download Avada

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