How to start your new website ?


Many people are interesting about how to start a new website on the net !, it’s easy as drink a cup of water but you need some simple knowledge to start your web project, as other web projects a creating a website is a great domain to make revenues and share ideas gifts and more stuff to large portion  of internet’s users (visitors), you will prefer to create your own website than a page on a social media such as Facebook or twitter, what you really should know that most page’s owners had a website for their own pages on social media so they can easily share their website’s content with the fans of social media’s pages, the secret of home work is a website !, it’s very important and a perfect idea to people who are interest about a work from home, a websites have a lot of opportunities to make revenues from ads marketing affiliate and much more ways to refund your pocket, but let’s be honest a website is easy to create and some little hard to share it and get visitors so we will talk about the tricks and steps to create a website with a legal methods and to start on a straight way to your website’s goals.

What is and How to choose a hosting provider ?

Every website on the web is a collections of data, files, images, documents and other different files types, as a computer owner you really understand where your files are stocked on the PC ? it’s on your hard disk of course !, and when you manage your files you notice the speed of load your content (files) and that’s because the performance of the processor and the RAM, this exactly what a website needs !, because the website is a PHP files, JavaScript, CSS , HTML and some of images or other kind or type of files, a server or the hosting provider is a computer with some detailed performances and quality services to manage some specific website’s pages files and databases (for example : Mysql) , it’s extremely important for your website to choose the right hosting provider (server) cause the future of your website is attached to the server quality, so what you need to know about the server is the disk space (hard disk) the bandwith space (it is the capacity of the server to manage a quantity of data in a month [ when a user visits your website he will download data from it and this data is some of bytes or kilobytes even mega to Gigabytes !! ] ) and the most important the speed load of your content to the visitors, what you will need too is the number of allowed mysql to create ( Mysql is a database’s manager and many scripts need an SQL service ), in our days you will find a tons of hosting providers with competitive capacities and price’s plans, you should know every option of a server before you choose the appropriate hosting plans for your website. A large category of newbies prefer to choose the priceless hosting provider but they don’t care about the server’s performances and that’s the common problems of unsucced website at the beginning.

This is a small list of some big companies of hosting services : GoDaddy, Bluehost, Ipage, Mochahost and we don’t want to recommend you a special provider but to clearify some ideas to you about the hosting plans.

What is The best CMS scripts ?

A Website is a collect or a group of organized files such as PHP JavaScript (JQuery ) CSS images and different types or it can be a simple html file !, in this days most of expert webmasters prefer a special scripts with a specific options and capabilities such as design and on-page seo to make it easy and simple for different search engines spiders to crawl the pages (content) of the website, a many ready to use platforms are available and free to use like : WordPress, Joomla, Opencart, vbulletin, and lot of them, honestly there is no competitors against WordPress cms platform because it’s easy simple and free to use for everybody with little experience required !, WordPress is the largest growing CMS platform around the world and we extremely recommend every one to start his online project with WordPress as a mother script.

How to use WordPress ?

As we said previously on this article, WordPress is the highest recommended platform for millions of webpages so to go far with a website it really depends on some specific and unique qualities and contents, WordPress as a platform is a simple design without a theme !!in this case WordPress provides to it users some of thousands free themes with big different designs look, and you can easily access to the WordPress theme’s library and choose what is the appropriate theme for your website, but put in your mind that every think given for free is something to doubt about especially from the technical sides such as the respect of a clean use of codes and the flexibility with search engines and the hole design to attract the visitors and much more integrated options and finally and not last the non-need in lot of plugins, for this reasons you see a poorly qualified themes on the theme’s library, as a SEO expert and a WordPress themes developer and a manager of 5 forums and a 3 websites owner with a 9 years’ experience I created with my team a WordPress theme with most important tips and tricks to dominate the search results with a less period of time and a special and unique content using our theme post’s options such review, total view, rating post system, share on social networks methods and some options really need to discover by you !

Why you need Madar Pro as a WordPress theme ?

Madar Pro Theme

Madar Pro is a premium wordpress theme for new magazine blog store forum and social network platform with huge different options to manipulate your website forms, as a premium theme means lot of things such as a clean codes flexibility responsive design full control of content and SEO friendly with more details will be displayed on the install instructions, premium theme is a unique theme! how ? it means that you will be a unique owner of a theme to help your ranking with search engines like google who prefer unique style as unique content and well organized items, Madar Pro will help your experience on the net as a very recommended theme from many webmasters, in Madar Pro your posts or articles will be more effective and dynamic for the users or visitors of your website, and to remind you that Madar Pro is a less price than other themes and with more options, it’s just a gift from our team to our future customers, and as a part of our responsibilities to our customers we created an online community to talk about how to use madar pro and share any ideas about websites tips and tricks to get your online work on the top.

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