Top 11 Best Advertising ADS Plugins for WordPress

Top Advertising Plugins for WordPress

Managing a website is not a simple task, and though costs have breaking down over the years, it requires considerable investment in both time and money to make it good and stable. All that effort is going to have to pay off at some stage too – keeping the lights on is job number one, but you’ll also be looking to actively profit from your site down the line.

There are lot of ways to go about monetizing your site, but advertising remains the go-to option for many sites both large and small. If you’ve got the right combination of traffic and audience, it’s the obvious first step to take.

In this article, we’ll guide you through 11 great tools to make this simple in WordPress, and close with some top tips for making the most of advertising as a strategy.

Let’s start with some background.

The State of Online Advertising

Digital advertising is a marketing medium that has very much come of age. Despite mutterings about impending ad blocker-driven doom, the projected expenditure on online advertising for 2015 is expected to reach $170.5 billion.

The range of advertising options has expanded considerably in recent years. Spend more than a few minutes browsing the web and you’re likely to hit a combination of text ads, banner ads, affiliate links, pop-up ads, video ads and much more besides.

Ads have also gotten smarter; the amount of data available to advertisers has exploded exponentially. Tools such as Google Adwords and Facebook for Business put a level of detail in front of modern advertisers that businesses would have killed for even a decade ago. Throw in options like affiliate advertising through online giants such as Amazon and there is an option there to be taken advantage of for even the smallest of sites.

The good news for WordPress site owners is that the platform makes it incredibly easy to integrate many of those options via plugins. Let’s turn our attention to 11 of the best tools for taking care of business on your sites.

1. WordPress Ad Widget

wordpress ad widget

If you simply want to get some ads up and running on your website, it doesn’t get any simpler than this plugin. All you have to do is drop the ad code in, place your widget in your sidebar, and you’re good to go. The plugin also supports a solid range of standard ad formats.


  • Simple, easy to use interface.
  • Enables you to run both text and image based ads.
  • Compatible with Google Adsense and other major ad platforms.

2. AdRotate

AdRotate WordPress Plugin

AdRotate is available as a free plugin with a premium version also on offer (pricing starts at €29 per website). While keeping things simple is a good policy generally, sometimes you just need a plugin that goes the extra mile, and AdRotate delivers in that regard.

The plugin enables you to insert pre-made ads wherever you want in your site, create your own from scratch, keep track of their performance, and it is compatible with most ad platforms. You’ll also find comprehensive user documentation and a lively user forum available on their main site.


  • Check the performance of your ads by keeping track of impressions, clicks, and click-through rates.
  • Enables you to manage and modify multiple ads at once.
  • Enables advertisers to edit their own ads directly, in case you prefer not going through an ad platform. The dashboard also enables them to contact the site’s administrator directly for ad-related issues.
  • Ads can be geo-targeted and are fully responsive.
  • Ads can be scheduled and automatically removed by set dates.
  • Compatible with Google Adsense, Doubleclick, Chitika, JuiceAds and many other platforms.

3. Ad Injection

While the developers behind this plugin many not have chosen the most reassuring name for it, their efforts are otherwise bang on target.

Ad Injection simply enables you to integrate advertisements within the body of your posts. It’s an option that could be considered slightly invasive depending on how you go about it, so you’ll want to keep an eye on overall user experience with this one.


  • The number of ads can be restricted depending on the length of the posts, the viewer’s location and their referrer.
  • Ads can be positioned above, below, and at the side of your content. There’s also a “random location” option.
  • Enables you to perform split testing through ad rotation.

4. Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter WordPress Theme

Continuing the theme of incredibly literal plugin names, Ad Inserter is designed to insert HTML, Javascript or PHP shortcodes for ads into any part of your WordPress site for display.

Much like Ad Injection, you can choose to display contextual ads – making it especially well suited for AdSense and Amazon – or just place them in any other position you choose.


  • Enables you to narrow down ad display demographically including options for targeting specific platforms, logged in users and more.

5. AdPlugg WordPress Plugin

AdPlugg WordPress Plugin
AdPlugg WordPress Plugin

The AdPlugg WordPress Plugin is the official plugin of the AdPlugg advertising platform, which offers free and premium ($10 per month base fee) plans for using their services. It’s a solution designed to play nice with most content management systems and blogging platforms from WordPress to Joomla.

The AdPlugg service offers a solid set of advertisement management features such as ad rotation for split testing, in-depth analytics, scheduling, and a simple shortcode to pop ads in wherever you like if you’re handling things manually.


  • Enables you to interact with the AdPlugg platform directly from your dashboard.
  • Ads can be easily inserted via drag-and-drop using the AdPlugg widget.

6. Ads by

Ads by datafeedr WordPress Plugin

The Ads by plugin gives you a handy way of integrating an affiliate store in your site and providing products from thousands of merchants to your audience. The core plugin is free, but you’ll need to select one of the premium monthly pricing plans (starting at $27 for a single site) to fully use the service.

You can insert ads to your posts, pages or widgets via shortcode and have options for controlling sort order. A full range of ad formats (including video) is supported and a handy series of video tutorials is also available to guide you through usage.


  • Enables you to set an impression limit for ads, which in turn allows you to sell pre-determined numbers of impressions directly to advertisers, while also retaining traditional scheduling functions.
  • Products can be “dripped” on to your site on a scheduled basis.
  • You can quickly create custom product sets to provide users with comparison points.

7. Corner Ad

Corner Ad WordPress Plugin

Corner Ad comes in both free and premium ($25) versions and gives you an unobtrusive option for displaying ads in the corner of your pages. It’s a particularly useful way of advertising your own wares as it won’t detract too much from your site’s overall look and feel but still leaves the door open for monetization.


  • Corner ads can be animated with a page flip effect to catch the eye of visitors and hidden once their mouse moves away.
  • Ads can be designed from scratch and configured to match the design of your website.
  • Keeps track of clicks in order to get a measure of the effectiveness of your ads.
  • The corner ad can also be associated with sound files though this is far from desirable in terms of usability.

8. Meks Easy Ads Widget

Meks Easy Ads Widget

With the Meks Easy Ads Widget plugin you can insert ads directly into widgets for easier placement control. It’s a straightforward implementation that also enables you to customize the size of the ads – or use predetermined dimensions – which makes it perfect for displaying multiple small ads on a single page.


  • Enables you to place an unlimited number of ads within a single widget and randomize their order if you so choose.
  • Ads can be rotated for split testing and you can enable a slide function on the widget if their number exceeds its dimensions.

9. Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads WordPress Plugin

As the name implies, this ambitious plugin does much of what our other selections do, but also includes a plethora of advanced features that enable you to fine tune what kind of advertisements your visitors see.


  • Advertisements can be grouped for easier management, and there’s an option for making internal notes for each ad.
  • Enables you to display both traditional ads and those from affiliate networks, with dedicated support for AdSense.
  • Ads can be inserted via injection within posts, added directly to template files via functions, displayed on widgets, grouped by dimensions, and shown in customized order.
  • Hides ads from bots and web crawlers so they won’t show up on your search engine results.
  • Enables you to customize which ads are displayed to visitors using criteria such as which type of device they’re using, location, whether they’re logged in or out, and their browser type.
  • The plugin is constantly updated to respond to ad blocking extensions.

10. Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin

Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin

Classified ads are a niche unto their own and Another WordPress Classifieds Pluginenables you to easily integrate them with your site. A number of premium modules are also available for those wishing to really go to town with this type of advertising.


  • The plugin offers extensive customization options for the classified listings including filtering by location, scheduled expiration, social sharing buttons, embedded videos and much more.
  • Posters and admins can be notified of ad-related activity.
  • Posters and buyers can interact without sharing private information.
  • A full range of payment options are supported incuding Paypal, PayFast,, and 2Checkout.

11. Amazon Link

Amazon Link WordPress Plugin

Our final option, Amazon Link enables you to tap into the power of the Amazon marketplace by targeting Amazon Affiliate commissions.

It gives you the ability to insert product links into your posts. These can be simple text links, images or full-sized widgets. Each and every one of these is linked to your Amazon Affiliate ID, thereby earning you commissions for any sales made through them.

While not a traditional advertisement solution, this kind of option is especially well-suited for authority or review sites that deal with a lot of products.


  • Includes a search tool to help you find the correct products to link to.
  • Product links are localized depending on the country of the visitor and there’s also a pop-up option that enables them to manually choose which Amazon store they prefer.
  • Includes several templates for customizing Amazon widgets.


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